Cheap Blanket

at the Klinker, April 1st 2004

Cheap Blanket were formed specially for this one-off gig at the Klinker on April Fool's Day 2004.

With Claude on vocals and keyboards, Dylan on Bass, Seb on Drums, Stewart on Keyboard, Vocals, Chickens and Anything else.
The theme of the band was going to be "dressing up and great tunes" so Claude, soon to become Origane-fashion, made her first attempts at making a beautiful pink catsuit out of a pattern, fucked up and swore quite a lot but got there, with some leopard prints , for Dylan, a beautiful dress with hanging decorations for Stewart Keith, and a drumming outfit for Seb who was quite reluctant to wear it but looked wonderful topless.

Cheap Blanket had this super idea of changing costumes during the gig, so held up this very cheap blanket (£2 at local charity shop, or was it found in Tesco's recycling bins?)whilst Green Drummers lead singer was changing into her second, then third outfit.
The music? The guys were listening to some Pil before hand, and got together for writting loads of lyrics, and well,the rest was beautiful improvisation!
Great dancing and presenting by Hugh Metcalfe, THE Klinker' s president VIP.

before-the-gig.jpg cheap-blanket2.jpg cheap-blanket-cold.jpg crawling-to-Stuwart.jpg dancing-queen.jpg
dylan-action.jpg dyl-and-seb.jpg dylan-kitchen-and-us-lookin.jpg dylan-looking-suspicious.jpg dylan-me-stripe-outfit-look.jpg
dylans-actiongold.jpg dylansgold.jpg dylan-singing.jpg dylans-kitchen.jpg ending.jpg
gold.jpg Hugh-and-me.jpg Hugh-dancing-now.jpg hugh-ending.jpg HUgh-joins-the-band.jpg
hugh-presenting.jpg Hughy-saying-thank-you.jpg keyboard-queen(me).jpg kitchen-rocking.jpg medylan-stewardnipple.jpg
megold.jpg me-sebgold.jpg moi.jpg ohoh.jpg seb-and-me-kitcehn.jpg
singe.jpg steward-alone-kitchen.jpg steward-showing-nipples.jpg stewart3.jpg stewart-dancing.jpg
stewart-singing.jpg stewart-singing2.jpg stewart-singing23.jpg stewart-singing4.jpg stewart-singing5.jpg
stewrad-kitcheh-alone-2.jpg theaudience.jpg three-kitchen.jpg traine-kitchensmall.jpg twicked-kitchen-group-big.jpg