Klinker number 5!!!

Tuesday 21st March 2006

Last tuesday's gig went like a treat, as they usually do at the Klinker!
The songs played were: Beatles cover version of the Yellow Submarine(sounded a bit like Muse "Sunburn" song according to the critics but then we are Green Drummers so it s quite likely it ended up sounding like something slightly different.)
"Sweet Bastard", on Casio PT30; new song called "Joie", other new song called "Jargon de la France " ("French Slang" ); new song called "Friendly Soul" or 'how to deter friends from your house' , newish song "Tranny and the Tramp" , Liberated Woman and Ex Mad Eel song called "Baba the Bearz goes to Wonderland" as a second Encore as the crowd exploded with enthousiasm for more.
Stewart Keith joined us straight away, playing the Wooden Spoon and Pan, and half way through the song, we invited the rest of Mad Eel to join in and make more noise. It ended up very noisy indeed, and most wooden spoons broke due to the love and power Stewart used on them.
We did do an interlude and a One Minute Slience for Brenda who was unfortunately absent and enjoying herself doing training for her new job. We missed her, but the show had to go on...
Due to lack of time we were unable to play very popular "Not in Love" song.The set was already 45 minutes , more than most great bands get!
Green Drummers forgot to introduce new band member Steam Pot On Cauliflower and also forgot to wear the hat designed to go with this wonderful outfit, which made Origane-fashion, the Creator, very pissed off. Ah well, this is Seaweed, Nettles and Pop Music for F£££ sake??! Not a **** fashion show! Ooops she is coming, sshuushh, I never said anything.

"- Lalala so, Origane, what did you think of our newly trained voice by Psycho Jeremy from Mab? "
"- It was rather peculiarly shit bare headed, so you better go off and practice some more! And don't you bloody forget your hat next time. Or you can go and find yourself another fashion designer for YOUR costumes!"
"- You are a rather hard heatless bitch but we appreciate your comments and will definitely punish Korg Triton for its voice squeekyness.
What project have you got in your pipeline? "

"- Too many to mentions, including a dress for Maleficents lead Singer, a dress for Mab's member Marina, promised since April last year and a couple of period dresses for next summer. And a pink corset for Spit Like This Bass player, a snake skin trousers for their drummers, and a few more bits. But definitely nothing for you."
"- Well that doesn't sound very much at all, what a life of leisure you lead! We were actually thinking of doing another gig...Any luck for one of your beautiful hats? "
" Grunt... "
"Thank you very much for your time."

Greeen Drummers famous Band  members DSC_1648.jpg DSC_1651.jpg DSC_1660.jpg DSC_1661.jpg DSC_1662.jpg
DSC_1663.jpg DSC_1664.jpg New dress by Origane-fashion DSC_1669.jpg DSC_1671.jpg DSC_1673.jpg
DSC_1675.jpg DSC_1679.jpg DSC_1704.jpg DSC_1706.jpg DSC_1707.jpg DSC_1709.jpg
DSC_1710.jpg DSC_1712.jpg DSC_1718.jpg DSC_1721.jpg DSC_1722.jpg DSC_1723.jpg
DSC_1724.jpg DSC_1731.jpg DSC_1733.jpg DSC_1739.jpg DSC_1740.jpg DSC_1742.jpg
DSC_1744.jpg DSC_1745.jpg DSC_1748.jpg DSC_1749.jpg DSC_1750.jpg DSC_1751.jpg
DSC_1753.jpg DSC_1756.jpg DSC_1758.jpg DSC_1762.jpg Stewart Keith starting with Baba the Bearz Mad Eel Zoe joining in
With Matt And John the Drummer. Pitty lets stop the carnage. We love you really Stewart getting punished Mad Eel having a conference without Stewart who is being punished
The one and Only Hugh Metcalfe My hat? I forgot my Hat? Yes you bloody did! Thanks MAtteo for reminding us. Some monster drinking Crisps flavoured Guiness Monster doesnt like crisps flavoured guuiness. The Crowd looking at Mad Eel in Amazement The crowd which can't believe this is MAd Eel and recording it for absent fans
Erm Erm  Stewart Keith and his tongue The Spoons before they got broken. (From MAd EEl)

The Green Drummers gig went wonderfully even though Green Drummers themselves were not so up to gigging that night.
The energy was strong and the new songs very entertaining. Mad Eel joined during the song "Baba the BEarz goes to Wonderland" and it all ended in the toilets with Stewart keith. Wonderful support from greatly rated fans like Voltane and Matteo.Brenda was missing but we were with her in spirit!