The Klinker

29th July 2005

After an official retirement from the Music Scene by the Green Drummers, they eventually come back with a revenge...They got into a humdrum life of carrers, sewing and decorating, but impossible to let go! They had to get together at nights and rehearse instead of sleeping for this new Klinker gig...New band members Aria Guitar, unfortunately very busy with full time 'room decoration' job,was not being able to join us for rehearsals very often, and justifies the lack of tightness in his playing with a loud grunt.
Other new band members include Boss Distortion pedal, (very reliable even if a bit temperamental and doing his own things) and Sony MD player to replace Sanyo CD player who was sacked a year ago.
The spirit of this last minute gig was Chaos, fun, hope and fulfillment. The songs were experimental (3 new songs including a Mab cover) and unfortunately hardly rehearsed due to the busy-ness of band member Claude from her intensive sewing,corset sewing courses, outfits making, suits making and wedding dresses making. But Rock n Roll is still alive....And the mobile phone is DEAD. See Videos for full viewing.

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