Green Drummers at the Klinker (number 4)

The Green Drummers Gig last night went like a treat, no messing up with sounds and levels due to new band member Peavey Pa Amp Speaker thing.
The songs were nearly learned by heart, and sang with a lot of heeem joy? Extrovertisisimeus? Something like that, it was a very enjoyable gig!
Also we got to cut Stewart's fringe in the Claude's style so now it's 2 of us who look exactly the same, next Stewart will be doing Green Drummers instead of her.
I weally rant to fhank everybodiez who came to see me last night, you made this evening worthwhile, without you it would not have been the same. Thank you Mike and Brenda for videoing, thanks to both of you and Neil, some footage of teh gig will be available on this website soon!
Sorry to all the people who struggled on the M25 and could not get to here in time, tuff, you'll just have to watch the video.
We will do another gig for you some time :-)

Stewart getting his fringe cut like mine liz liz DSCF6718.jpg DSCF6718g.jpg DSCF6719.jpg
DSCF6720.jpg DSCF6722.jpg DSCF6735.jpg DSCF6737.jpg DSCF6740.jpg
DSCF6741.jpg college artwork aint that useless after all DSCF6747.jpg crowds DSCF6751.jpg
DSCF6754.jpg DSCF6756.jpg DSCF6759.jpg DSCF6763.jpg DSCF6767.jpg
DSCF6768.jpg DSCF6793.jpg hugh only you DSCF6804.jpg DSCF6805.jpg
DSCF6807.jpg DSCF6810.jpg stewart coming to listen to  my impro closer DSCF6818.jpg psycho jeremy
voltane and pretty top artwork by some gurl the media team inc Brenda