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We love drummers, well, we did till we met a few flakey ones who went off mountain biking and skating at the last minute when they were supposed to come rehearsing with us...
It's in the honnour of these nature-cycling-drum lovers that the name "green drummers" was born, having met Tony who liked mountain biking too much. But oh, was he sexy. And he had a nice car. And a nice van. Ah, who needs drummers?
as they do Green Drummers propaganda

Green Drummers is :
--Claude Pechabadens, singer, keyboard player and song writer, 
--Casio PT30, faithful and forever a companion and
--Korg Triton, a bit bad tempered studio ingeneer
-- Sony DSP Minidisc player, replacing Sanyo
--Electric Guitar Aria
--Distortion Pedal Boss
--new Violin (damn I need to make a song with it)

--Neil, sound ingeneer and roadie.

The mixing is done by Neil Anderson and Green Drummers.

The music can be classified as "ironic pop" but Green Drummers can also makes sad depressing music.


Life stories: Claude was born in Cahors, South-West France, and raised on a farm (from here comes her love for chickens). She left for England when she was 18, and was part of a rock band for a couple of years, as a keyboard player. She then left the band to express her creativity and made her first song, "Only you" as a send up of today's pop music.



Thanks to PETE WATERMAN for his amazing comments and interviews, and for so many bloody great lines like ' tonight you're mine completely' which I find so inspiring.

Thanks to CANDYHEADS for teaching me how to do the housework on stage and for showing me how to push buttons on a sampler-keyboard.


Thanks to GEORGE for showing me musicians are much better off without managers

Thanks to TONY for making me realize I didn't need a drummer.

Thanks to KEVIN for making me realize I didn't need the rest of the band either.

Thanks to PLANET ORGANIC for teaching me that the whole world is allergic to everything and that to survive we do need to go there and buy expensive pastas and soya stuff.


Thanks to MACDONALDS (and its peers) for keeping me healthy by being so totally unappealing and sickly and smelly and fatty and slimy and over-salty-sweet and disgusting. Baaaah.


 Thanks to KYLIE MINOGUE for inspiring me by her devotion to quality dance routines and entertainment. (no, really)



Claude at work, making cds (...)



Thank you to Neil for kicking my ass so I'd do more music and less washing up, and for helping me make these songs.


Thank you to Terry for teaching me how to use this (bloody) computer and for showing me around London's best restaurants .


Thank you to Phil for helping me all this way, produce our 'song contest' video , for driving me around places and for being very patient

Thank you to Brenda for being around and chasing Monty so I don't have to do it and can do some music instead

Thanks to Mab for being their fantastic self and so so so inspiring

Thanks to Best Wishes (a super Australian band) for being so beautiful and inspiring

Thanks to Hugh and the Klinker for being there and existing and allowing us to perform every so often

Thanks to Origane-fashion for her support in our clothes making

Thanks to Steve for allowing me to be in his band but it not acutally working out and I am sorry about that, Green Drummers need to evolve towards the light...

Thanks to Swan for being a super Green Drummers friendand thanks Voltane for being fan number 2(after Monty)

Thanks to Scar Studios in camden for allowing us to start drumming

Old thank yous:


Thank you to Mickey for being so supportive during all these years and for keeping on telling me I was all right (rather than telling me I was going mad).

Thank you to the team at OTR studios for letting me use their premises and being always warm and welcoming. (OTR rehearsal studios, The Basement,143 mare Street, London E8 3RH)


Thank you to Julian for being encouraging towards my music and for being so sweeeeeet.

Thank you to John Larson. for being the best singing teacher in England and for bearing my squeaking. John, I have lost your adress, if you ever read this, please contact me!

Thank you to Phil Brown. for always asking me how my music was going (hinting 'move your bum and do something!') and for showing me all these great bands at the Verge and at that other venue in Camden Town.  

Thank you to One minute silence for being inspiring at the time they were together, very awakening, and for showing me the glamorous life of touring bands.

Thank you to Muse who are my favorite band in the whole world, with their fantastic music.

Thank you to the Squatters in HACKNEY for their humanity and the care they showed me by offering me a roof and food for some time.     

Thank you to all my family for being who they are and encouraging me in my projects, even though some of them would rather see me working in an office 9 to 5, saving for my retirement, and married but instead are bearing my amazing life, here in England.


Thank you to my only loves, my chickens who were so beautiful and wonderfully loving, and also to all the dogs and cats ,and to the robin who lives in the garden; thank you to the fish tank I never had (well you never know, it could arrive) and thank you to all the walnut trees I've met through my life.

Thank you to all the people who come to my gigs or may have been there by mistake and were curious to look further into the website, please feel free to send me your comments.

Thank you to anybody else whom I didn't quote in here because :


                       1] we may have lost touch or lost our reciprocal numbers


                       2] we may be too busy to cross paths often enough (shame)


                       3] you don't answer your phone


                       4] we haven't met yet


                       5]  if I did quote you, our beloved readers would now

                                            start to fall asleep as this list is getting very long .



    Happy drumming...


  Green Drummers.  

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