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22 September 2006 at North Wing
Andre Street , London , Hackney, E10
Cost: £3 memberships + donation

A gig in a sublime private venue made up with several interesting performers including new friends Sadam and the Lookalikes and GlassGlue. This is a secret gig, to get to it you need to Hackney Central using bus 106 or 254 from Bethnal Green station (Central line) and get out of the bus 1 stop after you passed Hackney Central station. Walk accross the cross road and get your A to Z out, Andre Street follows the rails and is just 5 minutes walk. The venue, a warehouse, is at the other end of Andre street, near Down PArk road. Do not be put off by the looks of Andre street. It is safe. It should be a very intimate evening . The other performers sound promising(we already played with the Mighty Sadam a few years ago at the 491 Gallery) so if you fancy dressing up and coming to see us, you are welcome...We are planning a never seen before dress for that evening... Enooooooooooooooooooormous. More details about it coming soon on our new blog page.

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