Green Drummers is an Ironic Pop band , also playing rock music - Free MP3 Downloads 

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Bric a Brac

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A really gorgeous original rock-metal girl band, with heavy and high operatic vocals, and distorted guitars. Beautiful and amazing. Originally from Sardinia, they are now conquering England . Go out of your way if you can see them! They are excellent.
  Brilliant pop-Indie band , amazing stage performance.
Susan Acid
A very scary heavy rock band. The singer is sensational, very good show. The music is melodic, dark, and heavy. Originally from Italy.
Best Wishes
  Australian band who has a fantastic sound and who seems somewhow to belinked with us... Check out my Myspace links for details, I won't put anymore bands links here. As it s time for breakfast.
The Klinker


Sussex pub, 107A Culford Rd ,
London N1

This must be the maddest place in London, and by that I don't mean boring drink and drugs. This is experimental music, films, and very weird performers indeed. Hugh Metcalfe is the organiser, and he is quite mad too, easily recogniseable with his cabbage hat.
Great bands have played there, but also non musicians, scraping their guitar in rythm on the floor and into blow up aliens. Camping tolerated on Stage.

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