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The Adventures of Tony the Drummer

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Love them all Song written in hommage to Creel Commission. July 2005, with band member Aria Guitar...Performed without too much rehearsing a week later
Sweet Bastard Lyrics written in 2002, it became a song in june 2005. Cheezy pop song.Guess who it is about.
Liberated Woman
Song written in May 2003 after Claude's mother's departure.. Recorded May 2004 .
This Morning First written in end 2001, performed with casio PT30 in "the manor" Westbourne Park as my first ever live singing performance
Pater Noster Originally created for a shop gingle, later used in live performance.
Very religious. March 2004
Christmas Hymn Last minute christmas gift for 2003
Leave Me Real imagined relationship-life tragedy 2002
Someone Else True friendship, or what it could be 2003
Only You First Single. Released July 2003, for the Love of Peter Waterman, 2002


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