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These are all the gigs we have done since the beginning, along with pictures and some videos.

GIGS PLAYED:   Photo gallery
Tuesday 26st
May 2006
The Klinker North, Hackney N2 + Cant-Make-it competition
Tuesday 4st
April 2006
The Klinker South, Nunhead, Se3
Tuesday 21st
March 2006
The Klinker North, Hackney N2
Friday 30th January 2006 The Klinker Hackney N1
Friday 30th December 2005

The Klinker, Hackney, N1

(With Mad Eel)

it's a pretty hoover, you idiot!
Friday 29th July 2005 The Klinker,Hackney, N1
Fri 10th September 2004 Studio 491, Leytonstone
Thursday 1st April 2004

The Klinker, Hackney N1

(With Cheap Blanket)

Tues 13th January 2004 The Klinker, Hackney N1
Thurs 13th November 2003 12 Bar, London WC1 live 12bar pictures
Thurs 6th November 2003 The Klinker, Hackney N1
Thurs 30th October 2003 Cartisian Well, London SW8 Cartesian Well Photos
Wed 8th October 2003 Wicked Club London SE1 Wicked Pictures


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