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The Adventures of Tony the Drummer:Tony has a night in with his mates, watching horror movies

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Last klinker's gig which was a succes.You can watch it! ! Particularly if you missed it. We love Korg Triton, home band member.


Very nice.


A Great appearance of Green Drummers with band "Mad Eel Gobbled a Thumb" or "the 5th Hoover Update" as known in West London december 30th 2005. Oh so so Artistic. Superb cut done by Neil from Wildblanket . Special Interview from Brenda.
More to come.


Back at the Klinker for a last minute (hardly) rehearsed 15mins gig...Fantastic! With Infamous Costume. 29th July 2005
Sponsored by Phil (distortion pedal) and Wildblanket

Introduction by the Wonderful Hugh Metcalfe
NEW NEW NEW SONG!!! Cheesy...WIth lovely band member Casio PT30, always alive...
MAB cover version (Please Mab speak to me again!!!)(First appearance of new Band Member Aria Guitar)
Tribute for adoration  of Creel Commission(Casio AND Guitar... wow what hard work! I need a new keyboard player...ANyone interested?)
Only You with new Band Member Sony MD player

Gallery 941, september 2004
A last minute gig, with another last minute outfit!

CHEAP BLANKET at the Klinker. Theme:'the CHEAP BLANKET'
Cheap Blanket is a band in which I was invited to sing. .I made everyone some nice special outfits so it could be the best dressed band that the Klinker'd ever seen. And it was...

Part One - Cheap Blanket at theKlinker Part 2 - The Cheap Blanket Part 3 - Night Vision


LIVE at the 12 Bar, London. The most scary gig, in the Real World!

Sample of the 12bar video

Only You - the first single

Only You - Wake up version   Only You - Tori Amos after a drink version

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